Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Five Rows Winery (St. Davids)

Even though the weather was poor, I was in a great mood! I got the confirmation that I would be able to taste and visit Five Rows Winery! The winery usually doesn't open full time until May, but since the weather is improving in Ontario, they made exceptions.

Here is a little background on how I heard about Five Rows. While searching for a new winery to visit, I googled "Best Wineries to Visit in Niagara" and Five Rows came up. When reading the web site it explained how Five Rows is a low yields winery and that they are becoming some-what of a "cultish" winery because of their scares quantities and great quality of wine. While checking out their website I read more about the family run winery and how they sell out of their product really quick! Their are very well know for their Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris (All sold out, but releasing their new whites this May). I was very excited to try their wines!

I was accompanied today by my mother Sue and my sister Lauren. While driving into St. Davids we took a turn a road that slowly turned into a stone road. I know we were going in the right direction because of the grape vines around us. A tiny sign indicated that the tasting room was up ahead. Five Rows is a bit different in that they don't have a huge building. Their tasting room and winery is located in a barn on the property. While walking into the barn we could see barrels and barrels of wine. All of their new releases were still in their barrel in this barn! We were greeted by Tracy and her dog. Very nice greeting and we got right into the tasting. We were able to taste the following wines that were available (Riesling 2010, Pinot Noir 2008, Shiraz 2008, and their Cabernet 2008).

We were all very impressed with the wine. The Riesling was a dry style that was enjoyed by all. The reds were just as enjoyable! Their Pinot Noir was very well balanced in it's fruit, acidity, and tannin structure. (We later heard from the winemaker Wes, that his parents were in California for a Pinot Noir competition. Allowing themselves to learn and see where their wines stack up) The Shiraz was very interesting. It was not full and jammy like an Australian Shiraz, but kind of created it's on take on the well know grape from down under. We all enjoyed this wine and my mom bought a bottle for my dad. I would imagine that this wine would age well. Lastly was the Cabernet. This was a wine that I bought because I really enjoyed it and felt that I could easily open this bottle in 5-10 years and be very impressed with what it has become.

What made the visit more memorable was that I was able to chat with their winemaker Wes. Very nice guy. You could really tell that he has a passion for wine and that it shows in his wine. I'm looking forward to going back in May to try their whites and will be very interested to try the Cabernet I bought after a few years in the cellar.

Five Rows is a must visit in Niagara!

Here is their website, be on the look out for their new releases this upcoming May! They sell fast!

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