Friday, February 3, 2012

Desendientes De J. Palacios Petal0s (Bierzo, Spain)

When looking through the January 21, 2012 LCBO vintages release I came across a very intriguing wine. It was focused on lesser know grape variety's from around the world. This one was regarding the Mencia (pronouced men-THEE-ah). I was excited to try it because I like to try new things and it is not your run of the mill Spanish wine that you would run into at the LCBO.

Also the rating that it got from WS caught my eye as well. #26 on the WS Top 100 of 2011. Lets dive into the tasting notes.

Colour: Dark Garnet

Aroma: Not over powering, you really need to stick your nose in the glass to get a good understanding. Spice and dark fruit came to mind.

Taste: This wine was really well balanced. Spice notes reminded me of southern Rhone. I decanted the wine for 2hr. Medium bodied wine. Lovely tastes of black fruit and spice, with even acidity and tannins working well together. This wine works in harmony. A real enjoyment to taste. Alas I only bought one bottle and I can imagine that they are long gone, due to the WS hype of being in the top 100.

This wine is ready to drink now, but could improve with more aging (4 years)

Score: 92

A great example that their are other delicious varieties from Spain.

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