Monday, January 23, 2012

Thirty Bench Red 2008

It's good to be back reviewing wine. It really increases your understanding for wine.

So after my wife and I completed our cellar I wanted to open a nice bottle to go with our roast. So I pulled out a 2008 Thirty Bench Red. Mainly because we have 3 bottles and also because it is drinking quite well now.

Our love for Thirty Bench started on our first wine trip to the Niagara region. It was our first stop and we had a fabulous time tasting. Also we bought a 2002 Benchmark (blend) for our 1 year anniversary (this was when we were dating, we are now happily married!). The Benchmark was great and their wines are great value for the craftsmanship. We always make a stop when were in the area.

On with the review!

Thirty Bench Red 2008

Decanted the wine for about one hour. First sniff brought dark fruit, such as dried blackberries and cranberries with a hint of ceder wood. It's aroma was not overly strong, but it did have typical Niagara smell to it.

This medium bodied wine was lovely to sniff. Merlot and Cab Fran are the strengths of this blend as it can be seen in the deep garnet colouring. It tasted great with our roast. This wine is well balanced, but it's fruit could be more of a team player. Tannins and acidity work well together. Not a heavy weight wine. Was ready to be consumed and will be looking forward to having the other 2 bottles.

2nd tasting: More fruit in the aroma. Included mild acidity with similar tannins.

If your ever in the Beamsville area, make a stop at Thirty Bench. They will be releasing their 2010 vintage by mid March. I will be interested to give them a try.

Score: 88

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